the one with the leaving

been a good day basically.
my speech for friday's welcome cocktail is almost done, my ebay items arrived (yay...my magnification filters and phantom mask), and had a good meal at sunnybank to send off Alicia.

weird to finally have a chance to know someone a little more but comes time for them to leave and move onto better things.
my day will come soon.
when this place no longer holds anything dear to me.
till then, i'll strive on.

usually at the end of the day, like now, i tend to just sit back, watch some episodes of old television shows and retire around now.
it is normally routine...nothing special, but i dunno.
i guess i just feel lonely tonight.

sitting here in front of the laptop, typing away, i wonder why i am alone.
is there something wrong with me? or is it because the time isn't right for me to find someone who'll treat me right and cherish me for who i am?
it seems like i somehow always end up at this question.

i dunno...probably i still haven't met the person who just gives me due for who i am. i tot i did...well...that is an old story by now.

most people seem to be happy now...i wish them all the best.
as for me, i'll just leave it to watever it is that binds the fabric of space and time together and seeks to control our fates.


Lil Minx said...

sometimes, we're alone for the most obvious reasons i.e. because we have to be. but we will all find love eventually. true love is really hard to come by.... the defination of true is already so difficult to ascertain so... it isn't all that bad ya?
guess, loneliness does hit the bone.

the-red-knight said...

my bone is scraped from the inside already....haha