the one moving forward

another friday's end...another work week over.
this week had been like a flash...*poof* and it's over.

attended a great event last night.
it was a seminar organised by the QUT Young Alumni about success and with a panel of 4 solid speakers who are leaders in the QLD community.

They brought up several points of that we need to have in order to succeed.
I can remember off the fly the following:

- leave the past for the past.
- enthusiasm
- surround yourself with like-minded people who you can work with
- enthusiastic people around you
- empower/motivate people around you by sharing the fruits of your labour
- never give up....always perservere
- don't bear grudges

i know they are talking about our career but still...i couldnt stop wonder if the same is applicable to our personal lives.

i guess in order to be in control of our career, our personal life has to be solid as well. and thus....almost definitely....the points above need to be kept in mind.
i will try...


Postmaster-General said...

Pssstt... Still interested in setting up a prono business? Or the cooking business? I am seriously thinking of starting a little eating place.

The Misguided Oracle said...

How aboout a prono eating house...
i mean you are surrounded by porno while you eat.... not like you eat the porn mags + tapes.... unless you're into that sort of thing...

the-red-knight said...

noooooo comment