the one with the bad day

this has been one terrible day.
i don't even know how to express it in words.
felt like ending it all...but of course...that won't happen.
perhaps it is just everything stacked on top of one another.
i wish i knew for sure, but that is just wishful thinking.
the past has returned to haunt me i guess.
one by one...emotion after emotion...they all just came crashing down at the same time.
how was i supposed to take it?
i can safely say today was the worst day of my life.
imagine everything i have felt for the past few months coming back all at once.
i wanted to scream, but there was no outlet.
i wanted to cry, but there was no shoulder avail.
i needed someone, but there was only loneliness.
(thanks for the guys who cared, i appreciated it very much. but it is not enough anymore)

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