Just in the office waiting for time to pass.
It's after 5 but I am hanging around so I don't have to run around the place.
Gonna go straight to the Pig and wait for people to show up.
A little anxiety is setting in but I know inside there is nothing to be anxious about.

Getting their head shaved is a big to some people and it would be for me if not because of it being somewhat familiar with the experience.
3 years ago I went through the same thing.
Back then...it was more of a fun thing, something that I did while having a great time with her. Now...it feels more real.

Heard from Madiq that his colleague's 4year old daughter recently got diagnosed with Leukeamia. It's crap you know? For a kid to have to go through that. It's crap for anyone to go through that.

Why this charity instead of the rest of the myriad of charities for diseases? I dunno. I have no personal experience with this disease or know of anyone personally with this affliction but perhaps because it's right here in front of me? Perhaps it requires some form of commitment as a sign of support instead of just giving money? Perhaps it was just the timing. Doesn't hurt when I like their T-shirts.

Maybe...just maybe...things might change.

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