The Long Awaited (and Requested) Update

So...why haven't I written anything substantial for so long?
Well...it's mainly because I was lazy to write [InnerVoice: but not due to the lack of thoughts and events] or when I am sitting in front of the computer, the whole act of typing down something I was thinking about/reflecting upon moments ago seemed so...cumbersome.
Anyways...back to the update:

Erm....[IV: see what happens? You're finally here typing and nothing comes to mind. This is gonna take a few tries]...

*Try 1*
So how long has it been since I wrote anything that mattered? Over a month?
Makes sense...it has been about that long since I got back from Singapore. So many things have happened over the past few weeks...but its so hard to recall them all. [IV: that's because you were never able to recall anything in the first place]
Let's see...Chetan's house party that went out of hand, Joel's Margarita Party, KTV [IV: WOOHOO!!!], the Andy Worhal Exhibit, Rivercity's power outage [IV: (ANGER)], Singapore Club's Chup Gor Mei Dinner, my Home Loan, my Mom falling and injuring herself [IV: :(], curry dinner with the gang, and...and...many more? I don't think I'll write about everything that has happened [IV: too lazy] but let's bring on the highlights I guess.

One of the first things that I got to do when I got back proper is to arrange with Nadia and Joel to go for the Andy Warhol exhibit at the GoMA. It was so-so. The man's stuff is really good, not to mention iconic but it never really inspired me before. But you just HAVE to go have a look for yourself. It might just spark a hidden creativity inside you. [IV: But you thought that people who were in line were all pretentious and were there only to join in the crowd] Anyways...it was a great day out. Walked over to Southbank (yes...walked...not bus...not taxi) and the weather was just nice. The exhibit was surprisingly small though. I was expecting more...like a-few-floors more. But it was very disappointing when we go to the end of the trail and we were still on the ground floor.

Of course by this time, Lindsay was already back in SG for CNY. I was alone...very alone at home. I must have mentioned this to some people but it isn't that I didn't have anyone to talk to. I mean...there are days when I am home and I just exile myself to my bedroom and even not see my housemate for a day or two, but knowing that there is someone else in the home is what makes this place bearable. So I tried to keep myself busy. Cleaning, throwing things out of the fridge (but this is because of the planned power outage), calling people out for dinner so I don't have to stay in the apartment. On a side note, that's why I can't buy a 1-bedroom apartment. Definitely 2-bedroom or more. The isolation of living alone will either kill me or bankrupt me.

Getting back to the power outage...Rivercity had to be turned off (literally) for 2 nights back in February. Something about switching generators I think. The first night was bearable. It was a cool night and so I slept nicely. But when I said power outage...I mean power outage. No power...nothing...nada. The fridge was dead, the water died soon after, nothing. BUT...the emergency stuff were still powered...and so like all things that happen everyday, 10 mins after the power went out, the fire alarm went off. #$%^)&^%#%#&#!!! And it didn't settle till 20-30mins later. Some glitch. I feel sorry for those people (if any) who actually went down as per protocol. Don't forget...no power to the lifts either. The 2nd night was a little annoying...it was a warm night. PLUS it was the night of the Chup Gor Meh dinner. So after spending a night out at Singapura, I rushed back (thanks to Justin) in time before the power was cut again for the night. I felt totally crappy the next day cos I slept only a couple of hrs the previous night. YAAAAWN...

(to be continued...)

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