Update Part2

*Try 2*

My memory is really bad siah. But I think nothing much happened over the next bit or so. Got my Home Loan application started [InnerVoice: Of which I still haven't gotten the paperwork...GRRRR...wondering about the reliability of this guy already] and then...OH! The 2 parties and a home cooked dinner.

The first party was Joel's Margarita party. As with most parties held @ Joel's, then night ended with more chilling around than 'party', which is good in many many ways. Haha...sedentary in my older age. But it was lots of fun. I brought my Wii guitar over and we jammed for most of the night. Joel's other friends were mostly involved in the juggling/fire twirling/performing scene so there was lots of throwing stuff around and catching...you know what I mean. So without actually ending up drunk and unable to trot home, the night ended very nicely.

Now, the 2nd party in question was a totally different scene. Potluck/Dinner/Chill out at Chetan's. And as with above...this party did not turn out the way we thought. It was supposed to be a relaxed, chill out gathering with good food and good company, but it ended up a large and noisy (and perhaps sinful) bash! Haha. Not that I am objecting...but timing sucked big time here and I was not in the right mood to party. I was worried about my mum and I felt helpless to a point. :( So while some of the group ended up continuing the party in the city...I went home to be with my thoughts. :P

One thing that came out of that night was Chetan's request for KTV, which we did...the following night...out of a whim. Too bad Chetan was not able to join us but just last friday...we went again and this time, with Chetan in tow. Haha...BEST LA!!!

Oh...and the dinner...well...had a chat with Nadia about catching up 2 weeks ago and it ended up me inviting the gang over for curry on Monday night. It was fun. Had 2 types...fish and chicken. Mmmmm....the fish could've been better but the chicken curry was superb la! :) Then on Thursday I decided to go cook another batch of fish curry to improve upon the recipe. It was better but still missing something...I dunno what though. :S

So finally...here I am on a Monday afternoon at work and after about 3-4 tries...finally completed my updates. Hahaha...still have lots of say but I'll leave it for later.

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