Shave for a Cure - Come! Partake in Charity

Well...the time is here again.
The Leukaemia Foundation's "World's Greatest Shave" Weekend is coming.

Link: http://www.worldsgreatestshave.com/

It's this weekend actually.
So I decided to make an event out of it.
Already invited friends to partake in my shaving "ritual" planning for tomorrow evening at the Pig "n" Whistle.

It's for a good cause, I can try to get people to donate some money for it, and at the same time (selfishly) get a hair cut (it's not free BTW...LOL).

Gotta say...it works out well with timing. Haven't done this since 3 years ago and it felt right to go for it again. Even better...I am in this "renewal and refresh" stage of this year/my life and this coincides with the whole "change" factor. Take it as cleansing of old and past, embracing the present and welcoming the future.

So join me there ok?
I will be at the Pig "N" Whistle (Riverside, Brisbane) from 6.00pm (I'll get myself "shaved" by 7).
Join me for drinks, take photos, and then dinner afterwards, probably in the Valley.
And $1 is donated to Charity for every drink sold till 8pm.

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