The Dawn of BB07

Ah yes...it's the time of year again. The time of year when the inner voyeur takes a little peek out of its usual shell of a home. Big Brother is back!
"This is Big Brother"

Sigh...the weekend was boring as usual.
Chris has been trying to 'drag' me for walks in the evenings to help me get started on physical activities...which isnt bad but I need to get proper walking shoes. My old pair of sneakers are causing me back pains when I walk.

The weekend highlight was on Friday night, when a few of us gathered at Chris's place for a night of boardgames. Another highlight was when I bought a mahjong table from Yuens on Saturday. Sadly I didnt plan to get people over to play so it is now in my living room collecting dust as they say. But I am sure there'll be people over for a couple of rounds soon.

The TV Aerial went down on my floor in the building!!! I was so devastated!!! Big Brother is back on and Sunday was the opening show!!! Talk about pissed!!! Luckily Nadia lives down the road. Heh...so after my SG Club meeting and dinner with Justin, I went over to Nadia's to watch the opening show. Yay!!!

So aside from these little excitements...the rest of the week was pretty much sullen. Just didnt feel happy. Often I recalled the times when I was in uni and the only worries I had were assignment deadlines and what I'll have for the next meal. Ah...the good ol' days. I wish I could get over this rut soon. I think my in-action might be the cause. Or perhaps the inactivity in my personal life.

My heart feels alone. Like a part of itself is not here. Like it is missing something. It has been like that for a while now. I feel alone so often. Its not physical loneliness. Well...in some ways it might be. I want someone to pledge to; someone who'll need me back, and vise versa. I want someone to share my happy moments with, and someone who'll comfort me when I am feeling down. I want someone to care for and to hold in my arms when they need comforting. I want to share my life with someone. All this I want. It isnt a need, but a want. Its a choice I made. But who is this person?

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