A Night Out, A Lunch, A BBQ, Another Night Out & A Driving Lesson

Sounds like a bad title for a movie but this is what I actually did during the Easter Weekend.
But I am sneezing my ass off right now as I type. UGH!
Back to that later.
Let's see...oh yes.

This weekend was the Easter long weekend, which lasted 4 days from Good Friday to Easter Monday. Alicia came back from Sydney for holidays so we brought her out to dinner. We ended up spending a long but very very fun time playing pool and singing our nuts off at the ktv. BEST LA!!! I did a perfect song ok that night...so proud of myself...ROFL.
I was thinking back on how fun it was back in uni cos this was wat we did almost all the time back then...sigh.

Saturday I was invited, together with the usual gang to Auntie Christine and Uncle Martin's place for Easter lunch. It was great...spending time with them, Uncle Kenny and Auntie Roshelle. Chatting...eating....getting to know some of the new students that might form the new committees in their respective unis. We ended up spending most of the day there, which was great cos I wouldn't have known how to spend the rest of the day if we went home straight after lunch. But oh...the memories kept flooding back....sigh....I miss those days.

Sunday was another ROCK'N day. First off to church naturally....then back to Joel's for an Easter BBQ (only after walking all round the city forgetting that all the supermarkets were closed #%#$^$%&@$&).
The burner at the common area was damaged so we went back upstairs to cook the food before going back down for a mid afternoon feast. It was great fun. It was a small world indeed to meet Namit at the BBQ as well. Apparently Namit knew Alicia from days past. It was so bizzare. After that we went over to ours for several rounds of Sing Star before having a packed dinner, and a few more rounds of pool at Fat Louie's.

Finally we arrive on Monday. I was sooooo tired at this stage already. Luckily we didnt really have plans for the day except dinner to send off Alicia. I spent the better part of the day packing up my bathroom. Throwing away old, unused shampoo, old hairgels...etc etc. I even got the old candle back out and burning...hehe...romantic? We then went to Chinatown for dinner and then followed up by coffee and Coffee Club on Albert.

I guess it might be the hectic schedule over the weekend OR the sudden drop in temperature on Monday night, but I woke up this morning sneezing and dying from it. SIGH. But back to work nonetheless. Totally wanted to kill myself la. Needed sleep but stared at the computer for most of the day trying to get the data to tally on screen. Ugh. The only thing that broke the crappiness of the day was my driving lesson at night. Justin offered to let me use his car and teach me driving, which I accepted of course. Heh...fun...although I am soooo not satisfied at how bad I am la. But I shall improve...at lightning speeds if possible. :) License...here I come. ;)

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