Another weekend over

So another weekend passes like all the others.
When I think back...I dont even know what I did that was constructive.

Wednesday was a little highlight of the week.
The SSA Dance Party was on. Well...it kinda was more of a get-together type of event instead of a Dance Party but it was fun.
Went there early with Madiq and we hung out, chilled, had a few drinks and had a great time catching up with many people. I dunno exactly but I guess that night also gave a little bit of a revelation: Perhaps I have allowed myself to think of the future a bit already. I dunno...it was just a feeling. (very cryptic I know...but I dont wanna talk abt it much)

Took Thursday off cos I really wanted to rest a day to get rid of the flu I caught (which didnt really work out). Ended up having lunch with Nadia and Lindsay, and also bought myself a new and LARGE frying pan. FINALLY...new cookware...lol.

Friday was another day...bored at work but at least it passed quite quickly. We had dinner that night at Hanaichi...UGH...service was bad...food not as good...prices really high...sometimes I wonder why we go there.

And Saturday came...a day I kinda dreaded. It is the day Supanova was held at the RNA again. An annual event which means a little more to me than anyone might even know. It is a day that reminded me of how hollow I can feel. I got my heart torn out on this day...I hate this feeling. Although it is long past...the feeling still lingers. I originally wanted to just go and enjoy myself but I couldnt find anyone who wanted to go...perhaps I didnt ask around enough. But I was feeling lazy as well la. Heh.

That kinda gave the theme for the rest of the day and today as well. Just this gloomy feeling (I wonder if anyone felt it) all around me. I sat at home today in the afternoon just listening to the American Recording of Children of Eden while reading a good magazine. Sang along to some songs on my computer (which brought me some sort of relief) before heading out to Joel's for Creme Brule...mmmm...nice.
Pasta again for dinner but Nadia and Damien didnt come over so I got sooooo much left over...lol. Lunch Settled!

A friend mentioned a heart is needed to do anything. Dont lose it. I agree. Maybe I need a hero to save my heart and perhaps my soul.

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