A Truly Amazing Race

I never totally accepted myself for being too big a softie usually but this morning it was kinda evident. Especially after tearing up when I finished watching latest Amazing Race Asia episode and Team Singapore was still in the race cos another team breached a rule and was set back an hour. Just watching the emotion on the screen was enough to make me tear up.
I mean...while most guys would be like "Eh. Watever." I was here tearing up like a girl. Perhaps I am a girl trapped in a guy's body.
I am not ashamed or anything...just very interesting to note.


I am surprised how refreshed I am this morning, especially since the late night I had yesterday becos Joel got himself a Nintendo Wii and we were having a ball of a time testing the console out. It was cool!!! I am sooooo tempted to get myself one already la! :P

But before that, we had a great time at a BBQ organised by Sherry for her friend Christine (I hope I got her name correct :P). And cos I said that I would:

"The Japanese killed my people"

Inside joke...dont bother reading into it...LOL


It was apparent now that unless I say something to somebody, its probably impossible for anyone to know how I am feeling at any particular moment. I know this sounds very DUH but dont you ever wish people just know how you are feeling and would say the right words to you?
Stupid thought I guess.

To sum it up, I kinda identified the source of my depressive state after watching something similar on tele (who says TV rots your mind).
Not going to write it out here (kinda too mushy and stupid) but it didnt make things better. All this time I thought that if I could find the real source of the problem, I can just solve it and perhaps begin to get better. But what if it is something you cant do anything about? What if it is beyond your abilities and you know that it can never be solved.

While chatting with Nadia last night, she brought up something that is similar to my problem. Very similar actually.


Why give somebody a taste of true happiness and then take it away?

Why so indeed?