A quick update from Singapore

So how long as it been since my last entry?
I didnt even check...but definitely a long time since my last.
I am finally back home.
The dread of returning to a place I call home but sometimes dont really feel like it is has passed and I have settled down here much better than expected (albeit going to be here for only 2+ weeks).

So what has happened since my return (will avoid the nonsense I was up to back in Brissy for now)?
Makan, Xmas Mass, Makan, Meet old friends, Makan, Got caught in the rain, Makan, Meet new friends, Makan, Lost my Voice, Makan, Went to KTV with no voice.
That kinda sums up everything for now.
And YES, I lost my voice. Can you imagine the agony of not being able to sing at a KTV? Hahaha...but it was great fun just watching the gang sing and having fun.

It's late, I need sleep so that I can continue tomrw.
Will update with more details soon.
And perhaps blog about the Xmas party we had back in Brissy.
Till then...

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