Season of the Cancer crab

You are born in Vedic Moon Sign

According to Vedic Astrology Classic:
You will be very sensitive, very emotional, imaginative, flexible and will be hard from outside but gentle inside. You will be faithful to his dear ones and elders and will be loyal to his duties. You will be interested in singing and will be happy in listening to music. His mind may be unstable but You will be endowed with intuitive powers. You will have a loving relationship with his family especially with his mother. You will be fearful of being insulted. Sometimes You will be very strict and at times You will be very vulnerable. You will be fond of eating sweets. You will be fond of travelling and inspite of being patriotic, You will be interested in travelling abroad. You will appear to be open-hearted and outspoken but actually You will hide a lot of things. Some of his main drawbacks will be impatience,flexibility, oversensitivity and indolence and short-tempered.

found this at http://www.vedicastro.com/moon.asp

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