Another Year, Another Rainy Season, Another Hopeful Break

It's 2011.
It's finally 2011.
Well...it has been 2011 for 9 days already.
Things started off well (despite the rain) and I can only be hopeful that it stays well for another 356 days.

Started at QUT finally, helping with the ISS Accommodations Office.
It's a good job.
It's different.
Provides variety to what I consider "work".
So now I have 2 jobs that I like to do.
I only need to get one of them to become a little more permanent.

I was just talking to Mervyn the other day and realised that ever since I started in the workforce after university, I have been working in jobs where I get paid in hourly rates.
There is no stability (which I crave) and there is this looming financial uncertainty all the time.
But this year has potential to bring forth a little more fortunes for the Monkey (if you believe in that sort of thing) and I intend to milk it for all it's worth.

So I leave the past few years behind in the dark corner from which it grew and festered and now there is only a bright sky of possibility (again...despite the rain) for me.
Time to SMILE! :)

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