Brisbane CBD Deluge Diary: 1 Week Later

So it has been a week since the flood waters entered the Brisbane CBD.
Damage was extensive and several (and I mean many) places were under water for a while.
Most places were up and running within 48hrs but the lifts were a different thing.
Only got my lifts back on Monday evening.
Too long...too late I think.
I had already climbed up to my apartment a few times before that point and my legs were (and still is) very much in pain.

Everyone else seems to think it's a stamina/fitness problem for me but they really don't understand.
It's true that I am unfit and stamina is definitely an issue but it's the pain that drains my energies.
My knees are not in great condition (sports injury + weight + constant wear and tear) and it normally already hurts if I strain it too much.
Constantly forcing them to work more than they can handle was not a smart option but essential back then. :(

Anyways...1 week after the waters came, the Brisbane CBD is recovering at an unimaginable rate.
Took a walk in the botanic gardens on my way to work @ QUT this morning and it was as if the flood never happened (ignoring the gigantic pile of dirt and mush piled up to one side).
Most of the CBD is already back in action and even places that were under water have re-opened and have mostly been cleaned up.
Only the underground carparks are still not ready.
The Brisbane River water level is still quite high and probably still causing some minor flooding in those deep underground carparks.

The rest of Brisbane City is still reeling badly from the floods of course.
The constant warning (and possibility) of another storm hitting Brisbane and places further up the catchment area is giving grief to many people who are still trying to recover from the deluge.
I really do feel for people have suffered from the flood and hopes to be able to help to the best of my limited abilities.

But it really begs to wonder...with last week's flood event old news and the media already moving on to sensationalise other news, will people truly remember the carnage...like how the CBD seemed to have already forgotten all about it?

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