Brisbane CBD Deluge Diary: Day 1

So it's 10:25pm at the moment here and most of the day has passed without much hassle.
"Hibernating" during a crisis like this does help a little cos I don't have to think about food nor water much.
We'll see how this goes tomorrow.

So the "excitement" started after lunch today.
- Power to the building got cut
- I found out that no power = no water = no lavatory facilities
- Actually saw water filling up the "Vision" worksite next door
- Actually saw most of Albert street covered with water. (It still isn't completely submerged)
- Had a minor panic breakdown and almost evacuated to Joel's place without thinking it through
- Regained composure and decided to stay put just in time

So it's reported that the worst of the deluge will happen in the next 6hrs, around 4am tomorrow morning.
The floodwater will be about 1m or higher than it's current height then.
It will last for an unknown amount of time before (supposedly) it begins to subside and start to get better.

That's all to report for Day 1.
I suspect tomorrow will be another day fill with misadventures here in Rivercity Apartments.
Hopefully no more car alarms, fire alarms and crazy neighbour singing opera.
You know...despite all of this, my spirits are still quite good.

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