My Thoughts . . .

I haven't really been writing a lot recently and I think part of the reason is because of bad time management and I no long write down impromptu stuff that comes to mind when I am doing other stuff in my life.
Eg. When I am walking down the street and I see something interesting or after a bad day of teaching or even having a totally relaxed day at home having done NOTHING.

I used to keep note of what I want to write about, albeit just a small note of the topic. I still do that on the phone with the Notes app but seriously...I hardly refer back to anything I noted there.

So I'll list down a few things I want to write about now and the next few posts will be on those 'topics'.
If you're reading this, help a dude out and suggest a few things that I can basically use to exercise my writing/thinking/brooding skills. ;)
Beginning to sound like 'Grumpy Old Men'.

So the next few posts might be about Bernie's(That's me) thoughts . . .
. . . on Friendship
. . . on Religion (All the Good Stuff)
. . . on Religion (All the BAD Stuff)
. . . on Living Abroad
. . . on Teaching as a Career
. . . on Being Single (and HATING it)
. . . on Being Single (and LOVING it)
. . . *Please help with more topics*