Travel Pitfalls and Confusion

Well...I am in my hotel room in Melbourne finally.
Talk about having an 'interesting' time since waking up this morning.

Had to repack a little this morning cos of a small cologne canister in my carry-on.
Then suddenly...I had not enough money in my main bank account. Forgot to account for the Ebay purchases from the last few days. :(
Then I was the last to board the plane...with multiple calls and even a FINAL call.
The flight was ok...slept some of the way cos of the little sleep I had last night.
Took the SkyBus to the city and decided to walk to the hotel. Whether that was a wise decision is still out to the jury. It was so loooooong. I think I walked more than the length of Brisbane's CBD.
I think the depressing bit is this crummy little hotel room. I think my old Unilodge room was bigger. But hey...its only for sleeping in.

Gotta plan for lunch soon and attending Contact Singapore's Careers Fair later. Now what time was it?...Hmm...
What else can I do today? Photo taking...Makan...sigh.

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