Day's End: Melbourne Day 1

Wow...Day 1 in Melbourne is finally over and I am getting ready to rest my sore legs and finally (and hopefully) get some well rested sleep.
Got my photos all uploaded and here they are.

Melbourne 2008 - Day 1

So what happened after I went left the hotel just now?
Met up with Gavin and I had lunch @ Max Brenner's Choc Bar.
Too bad for you guys who didn't come!!!! Suckers!!!!

Anyways...after lunch we went walking around the city (mostly indoors cos of the rain. my fault again I am sure).
Found thee book I was looking for @ Borders Melbourne...the book which drove me nuts cos I couldn't find it in Borders Brisbane.
This book alone made this trip worth it.

We took the free city loop tram to Telstra Dome after that to attend Contact Singapore's Careers@Singapore Fair.
It was alright...got some bits of info and contacts for when I decide it's time to go home for an extended period of time.

We then left early to meet Gavin's friend Victoria (Comon...meeting someone named Victoria in Melbourne, Victoria is so cool la).
She brought us to this out-of-the-way Sichuan Restaurant for dinner.
The food was so spicy that I am worried about stomach upsets, rings of fire, and who knows what other ailments that can befall a person who ate too much spicy food.
It was definitely an experience I won't forget.

So it was late after and I was too buggered to do anything else.
Took a slow stroll down Swanston Street...took photos...listened to a couple of Buskers who were amazing...bought some snacks for the hotel and came 'home'.
I am so sleepy now I could faint siah.
Actually...that's what I intend to do until tomorrow morning.
So here's a wonderful end to an adventurous, mortifying, unforgettable and exhausting day.
I sure hope tomorrow is just as great.

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