Day's End: Melbourne Day 3 & 4

Finally got some time to write this. Amazing how much free time you have to blog on holidays but none of that when you return to 'real' life eh? :(

Final Day...*sob*:

Melbourne 2008 - Day 3

So what did I promise you?
Stupid cab drivers?
Coolest Cathedral?
Solid Lunch?
Let's see...

*been REALLY slacking off but I've had other things on my mind...will update on those soon*

You know what.... just didn't find any time to write this at all.

Stupid cab driver = didn't wanna take me to the Cathedral cos it was too short a trip in relation to his wait at the hotel. FINE. Took a cab down the street and paid him 10 for a 6 on the meter. See...being nice works out for you.

The Cathedral was shiok siah. Really gothic and solemn. Go check out the photos.

Lunch was great with Gavin @ Lygon.
Pasta + Pizza = FULL!
Then we went to Koko Black....Chocolate Decadence...absolutely insane.
Something that cannot be forgotten.

Had dinner with Victoria again in the evening at his place called Fire Ants? Or Red Ants? There is a photo in the collection above.

So there ends the whole trip.
The next morning I woke up super early (lost 1 hour due to daylight savings), caught my flight back to Brissy and went straight to work.
Fun but totally exhausted by the end of it all.
Would I do it again...Hell YEAH!

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