High Tea Madness

I am so sleepy. Just concentrating to write is almost beyond my reach. Heh.
Had the Singapore Club High Tea today.
It was soooo busy.
Madiq, Chetan and myself were mending the drinks stall and it was almost chaotic. So many people...so many drinks...so many orders...ARGH!!!
I now know how the kopi shop uncles feel man.
Dunno how they tehan! :S
Gonna go to bed very soon.

Debs and Ames left yesterday.
Brisbane is quiet again...hahahaha....joking!
But I miss them lots. It was reminisce of the times back when we were all still students. The rush...the madness...the noise.
But that's in the past...we have all 'grown up' and moved forward with our lives (well...some of us). Having short breaks from the daily toil and having fun like we used to was great. I loved the time spent.
It was the best time I had this whole year.
Not discounting the rest but for now...the past week tops all...one reason or another.
Can't wait for the next 'break'.

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