The cycle doesn't end
It never ends
To then Fro
Up then Down
Left then Right
Gone then Back again
It just never ends
The same pains
Same old hurt
Nothing ever changes
The cuts don't bring fresh pain
Just the same old wounds over and over again
This cycle hasn't ended
It feels like it has been so long
It HAS been so long
I am helpless
Perhaps I deserve this
A never-ending cycle of hurt, retribution, solitude
Tomorrow I live the day I had Yesterday
Never knowing a new dawn
A dawn I just can't see
No matter what I do
Everything is a waste
All fruitless
Experience has taught me to halt
Seeking peace is all in vain
Maybe it's time to end
Finally time to carve memories into stone
And join the dark of night
To rejoin the cycle
The cycle of pain

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