Prelude to Bliss

It has been a busy day.
Eugene, a classmate from CJC, got married today.
I am so envious...haha...maybe? I dunno.

I got involved with everything only from last night actually.
When we finally met up to have the video tested on my laptop and to go through the schedule for today. Would've written something last night but just didnt feel up to it then.

But today...some of the other guys (Kenneth, Lenard and Alvin) had a super early morning helping out with the tea ceremony. I slowly got out of bed and reached Immaculate Heart of Mary at around 9.30am. From then...it was a mad rush to get things set up...test PA systems and in-house projectors that refused to work no matter what I threw at it.

But somehow....amidst all the setbacks and last minute planning (play-by-ear mostly), everything worked out. God blessed indeed. I mean...even when we found out that the video for the dinner portion of the program was not working...eventually we were able to solve the issue and even work out some new hiccups (a missing music CD) along the way.

It was so fun meeting up with the old classmates again. The few of them have definitely grown closer together and built a great friendship back here...back home. Something I regret not being able to be part of. But that's another story for another time. Back to Eugene and Akiko's Wedding.

Siiiiiiigh...They looked so happy together. I guess I really am envious. To have made so many memories with each other and have so many things to show for. To have been there for each other for the past 6 yrs...from strangers to friends and now...a married couple. And it's only the beginning of their lives. I never thought that I would actually yearn for that so much.

I guess we (we as in everyone?) all crave what we find most lacking from our lives. So what am I lacking? Someone to share my life with? Someone to love and cherish for the rest of my life...for richer or poor...thru sickness and in health...till death separates us. Is this "condition" a prelude to possible Bliss?

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