A Little "Less" For Wear

There are days when I feel like I shouldn't have made changes to what fate has arranged for me. Today is one of them. I should've been back in Brissy on Sunday. But because I meddled...the date was changed to a week later. (With the help of great people of course)

Just a "low" I guess. Started slow in the morning and then dragged myself over to the National Museum to finish off the "tour" of the main gallery. Finally able to watch and go through all the remaining displays and videos. Really learnt (more like re-learnt) the history of my own country. The place where I grew up...no matter how screwed up I am...it is home. And I find myself aligned to this place very well. No matter how society here has taken "Status" and "Pay Scale" as benchmark for comparing one to the next person (something I detest), it might not be enough to tear me away totally. Home is...well...Home.

Tired and sleepy and a very early start tomorrow morning.
I feel like...crap.
Like I said at the beginning...it has been a bad-ish day...I feel a little "Less". Less of what? Dunno...just..."Less".

I want to feel "More"! More to live for...more to look forward to...more things to love and care for. What can I do to get that? I still feel the "monster" there. I need to slay it. I just need a little help.

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