A (Fruit)ful Birthday

So I am finally 27...oh bother!
Closer to my expiry date? Hahaha.

So on my birthday I made plans to meet this really hot lady that I got to know recently and spent a beautiful day in each other's arms in front of a warm fire sipping champagne and nibbling on cheese and crackers.

RIIIIIIIGHT...like THAT really happened...ROFL

Here's what really happened:
Took the day off and spent the first half of it relaxing at home, waking up late and adhering only to my own schedule...BEST.

When I finally decided to get out of the apartment to get food, I met Andy on the street and had a short chat with him and parted only after making coffee plans with him for later in the day.

After that, I tried to get some food but all the lunch places were full and the Kebab store didnt have the chicken curry I love. So I ended up going back home to cook instant noodles topped with sardines...haha...not gourmet or anything but it was a good meal.

So I slacked around for a couple of hrs and went to meet Andy; met Alan on the street and asked him to join us as well. After that...I was so tired from the absolute boredom of the day that I took a 1hr nap. HAHAHA...so sad right?

And finally came the time for the planned dinner. Well...it was planned by Nadia of course. A surprise dinner. But I has sussed out parts of info from different involved parties that I already knew what was happening...hahahaha...I had more to say about the planning but the thought was greatly appreciated.

We went to Pier9 at Riverside for dinner; SEAFOOD :S
Had the in-house specialty Fish 'n' Chips. Very interesting with an oriental touch.
The food was good but I'd prefer Cha^3 but they were fully booked. So I still havent gone to Cha^3 yet...hehehe.

The cake that Mervyn brought was a Mango mousse cake. And he also got some smaller chocolate and strawberry variations from that french patisserie that he knows. On top of that...there were these luxurious chocolate eclairs that had chocolate filling as well....WAAAAAHHHHH!!!!

To finish off the day, we proceeded to 3 Monkeys for coffee and a chat.

Nothing exceptionally special but spending it with friends and loved ones made it great. Fruitful? I dunno...but it was fun...yeah...it was...wasnt it? :)

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