A Cheery (Cherry) Farewell

So Sunday we went to to the Taj to have dinner to send off Cherry.
Everyone (I think) had a great time and tonight she leaves for good (with a possible exception for Graduation) from Brisbane.

It's feel weird having another person leave Brisbane again.
I wonder what will happen now onwards...

Anyways...the rest of the photos can be found at
http://s11.photobucket.com/albums/a199/nuttytentacle/2007 06 17 - Cherrys Farewell/

Cherry & Lania

So sweet together

Miss Glamorous

The Boyzzz

A Happy Host


Groupshot 1

Groupshot 2

Groupshot 3

Groupshot 4

Groupshot 5

Groupshot 6

Have a good flight home Cherry!!!
It has been great to have known you here in Brissy!!!

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