Uneventful Days

Like there are such things.
Everyday is eventful...crazy even.
But cos so many thing are happening...I tend to get 'overwhelmed' and not write about it here...so please pardon me (esp those who go on abt me no writing here anymore...but very much appreciated)

So what has been happening?
I dont even know where to begin.
Just off the top of my head:
- Meeting with Contact Singapore
- iPod woes
- Weixin visiting
- Fire alarm going off in RC
- FLU!!!


So lets start off with the BBQ.
Actually...I think I'll skip the BBQ for another entry with photos all uploaded.


Meeting with Contact Singapore
Can't remember which night this was but it was about 2 weeks ago?
Mervyn was contacted by CS to get a bunch of working professionals to meet up for dinner and a chat.
We ended up @ Pancake House on Charlotte St.

All in all I quite enjoyed the night.
A chat with the lady rep was quite ok, despite the lack of interest she accidentally revealed while some of us were talking about what was going on with our lives here. But she was open to ideas and enjoyable to chat with.

But on the other side of the table, it seemed not as cheerful as my side. (Can't remember their names for nuts) The male rep was chatting with Merv and the other guys (Chetan and Linds over at my end) and aside from Merv (always with the positive attitude towards SG) the guys over that end did not really enjoy the evening.

Lets view this from another angle first. The CS people were here with an agenda in mind. DUH! They were here to recruit talent back to SG. What the guys gathered in more detail was they were here to recruit foreign talent (note: not SGians). So that naturally pissed off the guys. But I wasnt there to listen to question the male rep about this so I cannot confirm this at all.

But in the end, we got a free dinner, some toys to bring home and some toilet reading material. All's good I say.


The iPod
Finally took out the iPod Shuffle I 'earned' by completing the Systemwalker Associate Course that we all needed to be certified for at work. It took me 2 hrs just to figure out what I need to do to get the iPod formatted and ready for sync-ing. Then another 2 hrs to choose the songs I want and upload it onto the iPod.


But at least it is all done now and it works sooooo good.


Weixin's Visit
Weixin and Wendy dropped by Brisbane for a holiday this week. Finally...someone actually visited. HAHAHA. It was nostalgic indeed. Everyone back in the apartment, albeit without Glenn or Kent.

We had dinner a couple of times, once at GAYA (a place I swore not to return, but apparently they reno-ed and looks great...but the service still sucked) and once at the Taj Mahal where we stuffed ourselves like pigs.

It was great to have someone visit. But sadly I was unable to get leave for this period of time and they were busy meeting up with other people and doing their holidaying as well. I reckon it'll be the same when I go back to SG with our roles reversed.

I sure hope I can go back soon.


Fire Alarm and FLU!!!
The day was Monday the 4th of June.
I was feeling crappy and took 2 hrs off work to get home for a rest.
Was happily sleeping when at around 6....the stupid fire alarm went off.
I wonder who the IDIOT was that set off the thing.

I had to go down the stairs from 24 floors.
Sick, tired and rudely awakened.
It definitely didnt do me any good cos the next day my flu was worse and I took the day off work. Not to mention that every muscle in my legs were overworked (you try carrying my weight down 24 floors at top speed). It still hurts today! :(

Fortunately there isnt anything happening that needs me to use my legs extensively.

So here's a little update for the past 2 weeks.
I got bored at the end so things were shortened.
Hopefully I'll write again soon.

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