The Great Sago Saga

So here I am on a Saturday night having absolutely nothing to do...so what did I come up with? Make Honeydew Sago...ah...but a problem was at hand indeed...instead of Honeydew, I idiotically bought Rock Melon instead. So what became of the finished product was Rock Melon Sago instead...and the reviews are quite ok...hehehehe.

Started this afternoon actually...with lunch at Mervyn's and then a sudden thought to make the sago tonight...so Jeff drove me down to the local asian grocer and we bought the stuff needed to make the magical concoction for the night.

First, I had to cook the sago...which turned out pretty alright actually...kinda proud of myself for a first attempt.

Saga ala bowl
Picture of Sago in a bowl

Next, the Rock Melon was cut up into small pieces.

Chopped Rock Melon
Picture of chopped Rock Melon in a bowl

After that, the coconut "soup" was made with coconut milk, sugar, salt, and a few pieces of rock melon boiled together until they became this elixer. (too bad couldn't find pandan leaves...else even more solid)

Coconut "Soup"
Picture of coconut soup

So with all three components made and ready...all that was needed to complete the night were people to come and be my guinea pigs. (hehehehe)

Picture of the 3 components

Nadia, Mervyn, Jeff, Justin came down to have a try. Mervyn felt it needed to be colder (sadly there was not enough time for the thing to be chilled in the fridge) and sweeter (Nadia liked it the way it was though). I was pretty happy with the results...heheh.


And for those of you who missed it...here's how the finished product looked like.

Rock Melon Sago 1

Rock Melon Sago 2

Rock Melon Sago 3

Want some? (evil grin)

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