The Great Sago Saga II

Heh...like all things...there are sequels and tonight...it was no different.
Finally went to buy HONEYDEW...lol.
And so I attempted the sago another time.
Fortunately...Lindz invited the gang over for dinner so I got my controlled test group.
Made everything again, making changes to the original recipe based on feedback from last night.
The reviews were good but even that didnt really made me satisfied with it. There was something missing.
You might laugh at this but I think it is missing love.
Up till now, the process is very mechanical. Making sure I added enough of this or left that in the heat to a very strict amount of time...etc etc.
But there wasnt anyone in mind when I made the dessert.
Dont get me wrong...I knew I was making it for my best friends and family...but it is a different type of love.
It is missing passion.

Prepped and Ready to serve

Finally...HONEYDEW Sago

So when I return home, perhaps the recipe will be perfected. All I can hope is to find the final ingredient.

*PS: I need a kitchen as well...any volunteers?*

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