the one with the staying at home

amazing what comes to mind when you just back and reflect:
was invited to the pig to watch state of origin game 2 but i wasnt in the mood.
it is not a rare occurance for me to feel up to leaving home in the evenings for a simple drink out in the city.
i wonder why...and now...i finally got the reason.
i hate walking back alone, and i'll do anything to avoid it.
going out in the evenings usually lead to me walking home alone.
walking back to a home where there is no one waiting for me...nor anything extremely appealing in the apartment to pull me back.
but mainly the lone walk is that which puts me off badly
there you go, another mystery solved


Postmaster-General said...

Get a dog... then there'll always be someone waiting for you at home. Or come home, then your parents will be at home waiting for you. "Boy, why come home so late?"

the-red-knight said...

haha...my place cannot have pets. the aibo too expensive. and parents are hundreds of miles away. how?

Lonely Heart said...

i'd walk home with you...

if i lived in australia.

(hey, it's the thought that counts or some such thing, right?)

The Misguided Oracle said...

Walking home alone isn't that bad. Once you start seeing your apartment as a sanctuary to rest & recharge rather than a void to go to, you'll feel a whole lot better.

And the lone walk isn't all that bad either. It's an excellent time of sift though the thoughts in your head

Trust me, you can learn to enjoy it :)

the-red-knight said...

to: lonely heart
thanks. yes it is the thought that counts. it made my day

the-red-knight said...

to: misguided oracle
i have enough thoughts up in my head to fill a couple of lifetimes. i dont want to sift thru them...lol

and as for home....i dunno. if i had something to go home to...at least that'll make things easier

the misguided oracle said...

trust me dude, i've been in your shoes before. you sometimes just have to be a little more proactive rather than passively moping about.