Memoirs of a Displaced Singaporean [Part2]

So comes an end to my second day in Singapore.
Didn't do much today at all.
Stayed at home because I wanted to have a home cooked meal...YUM!
Miss mom's cooking.

So tomorrow is going to be the end of another open-ended chapter in my personal memoirs...if I or anyone else ever write one.
Michelle is getting married in the morning.
What else can I say?
Another chapter of 'regret', of 'what ifs' and of teenage infatuation.
It was...I guess...never meant to be.
My timidness and fear of rejection...again...was my sole (maybe) enemy in this again.
But it is in the past.

Tomorrow closes that part of my life...and the next page flips open.
I wonder which chapters yearns or even begs to be put away next.

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