Memoirs of a Displaced Singaporean [Part3]

So it is finally New Year's Eve.
The last day of 2008.

Year in review:
- Started a newer healthier lifestyle (even if it did start only in Oct)
- Lost 10kg (hopefully I won't gain it all back in SG)
- Got a raise
- Kept my job
- Got my Hepatitis Vaccination done finally
- Went to the doc to get a full body check
- Tried to be the best person I can be (but don't we do this everyday?)
- Went to church almost every Sunday (might have been 1 or 2 when I was too sick to move)
- Got pre-approved for a Home Loan
- Got my taxes in order FINALLY!
- Kept 1 fish alive

Can't remember what else I did this year.
Decided to go with a concrete list of things to get done in 2009 as opposed to this year. That might help with my direction and execution.

So what's in store for 2009:
- Lose another 30kg (to my target 90, actually....going back to double digit weight is gonna be YEAH!)
- Get the rest of my body fixed
- Change my look (Superficial aren't I?)
- Get healthier
- Get more active again
- Keep my job
- Buy a home
- Be more active in church?
- Be more spiritual
- Be more attuned/Pay more attention to God's messages for me
- Keep my taxes in order
- Keep fish alive
- Find and acknowledge some small little piece of happiness for myself

That's it really.
Nothing more to report this year except for Deb's party later.
Maybe I'll have someone to kiss on the stroke of midnight this year...nah...not going to happen.


Mount Tambourine Road Trip

Christmas Party @ Deb's

Michelle's Wedding

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