Plans for the New Year

Sleepy so it'll be a short entry.

So lets see...what has happened recently.
I finally got that hotel suite for the New Year Party but I am trying to find ways to entertain.
Games? Alco? Maybe I'll even bring back the Nintendo. Still not confirmed. We'll see.

Still got many things to get done before I can leave Brissy for a holiday.
Gotta get my rental agreement signed.
Settle a couple of tax issues.
Buy all the pressies/things requested.
Xmas party.
Xmas @ AC's.
Xmas @ Anthea's.

Hmm...I THINK that is all...
Hmm...seems like there is still a way to go even though it is only 10 days away.
Then there'll be another 'stack' of things to do before I can relax on NYE.
At least I got authorization to work offsite from SG in case I can't get the earlier tickets back here.


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