Hotel Woes

OMG....planning a small gathering/getaway while I am back in SG is turning out to be a disaster. And well...it's not really a getaway. Just wanna plan a New Year's Party at a hotel room somewhere in the marina area. But trying to get a place that can hold about 10-15 people with a view for the fireworks is really beginning to bug me.

Naturally...a normal sized hotel room is not going to be sufficient in this scenario. So I am opting for hotel suites. Budget wise I can definitely cover but I still want a good deal (like a typical SGian eh?).

So where can I go?
Marina Mandarin?
Peninsula Excelsior?
Pan Pac?
If only I had money falling from the sky...then the decision might be easier.

Now Gavin says he wants to have something at his place instead this year but still confirming on that.
I already made plans with people and unless he doesnt mind a group of people he doesnt know at his place...i dont think that's gonna work out.

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