The one compared to a summer's day

A scene from a movie popped into mind just now.
It is a scene from the movie "It's a Boy-Girl Thing".
Another chick flick about 2 people who swapped bodies.
Haha...but that's not important.
It's the line in the movie that struck me.
There was a scene when the 'girl' was teaching the 'guy' who was in her body about Shakespeare.
"Shall I compare thee to a summer's day?"
I never knew that it meant "You are HOT!"
Haha...interesting isn't it?

I've always wondered how things might have turned out if I took English Literature on a tutor's advice instead of Geography back in Junior College.
For one thing, I'll be in a different class.
Cos my class was strung together because of Geography; the common subject.
With Geog, Econs and Maths C, I would've been in Arts3 instead of Arts4.
Don't think there was a Geog, Lit and Maths C combination back then.
Anyways...the people whom I called classmates would've been different and things might have turned out VERY differently indeed.

Aside from the minor changes here and there...I probably wouldn't have gotten myself injured back then playing in the inter-class tournaments.
I wouldn't have been placed into Pes C in the Army and become an army Mechanic.
I wouldn't have met the people who would've influenced my decision to come to Australia to study.
Hell...I might not even have needed to come to Australia.
I wouldn't have met the people here, stayed here and become the person I am today.
I would have continued after the NUS orientation camp (which I attended 'illegally') the friendships I made in those few days.
Among them might have been the girl I might spend the rest of my life with.
But that said...being here...I might be on my way to meet this girl still.

Life would've been extremely different, come to think of it.
If I never left Singapore, I might still be that naive boy who doesn't question things when they happen or when they are told to me.
I wouldn't question that people should be treated equally, no matter Race, Creed, Religion EXCEPT Sexual Orientation. (Geddit? Hahaha)
I fact...I think if I stayed in Singapore, I might be one of those people who stays in church all the time and never questioning the 'wisdom' of the church.
WOW...I can't imagine myself being that person.

A flap of a little butterfly's wings can truly and possibly create a hurricane at the other end of the world.

And guess what?
I might NEVER have found out what the phrase "compare thee to a summer's day" meant.

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