oh wat another fun weekend

tired tired!!!
haha...all from the 'partying' of the weekend.
all started on friday night with joel's housewarming, which was great...ate my fill of bbq food, met a few new people, learnt a little staff spinning, hung out at their place till an unholy hour, and finished it all off with? : a game of WoW with Gavin on the other end...lol. Imagine, all that in just one night.

Saturday was great as well. Went into the city for a shop, bought a game at a super cheap (even I was surprised) price, made prata, watched Riverfire (it was more fun this year, the scenario, the people, no stress), came home to hang out, watched "Magic Kitchen" on SBS and finally watching the "DF or SF" scene (LOL!!!).
The best part of this night was when everyone was in the living room and we were discussing the 'no hum' thing as usually, then Iron Chef came on and lo and behold, the secret ingredient was...drumroll...CLAMS!!! ROFL!!!

Took so many Photos at Riverfire but I was only satisfied with the ones shown below:

Some old photos came out nicely as well.
Citycat Ride to Doris T's

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