having a low kind of day

YAWN...i am sleepy.
despite a full night's rest, i am still low on energy.
perhaps it is the lack of oxygen thing i was talking to mervyn about...hmm
anyways...that isnt the only thing that is low since this morning.
my spirits are low as well...
it all started with the tired feeling when i woke, and following my routine of watching anime before i leave for work, i watched Honey & Clover II Episode 4.
right from that point on, i felt crappy.
perhaps it is the subject matter of the episode, perhaps it is the lonely trip to work this morning, perhaps it is the glaring sun that felt like sarcasm whenever i saw its rays reflected on a building.
i honestly dont know.
all i felt was an enormous lack of self worth
does it matter if i never existed?
most people (if not all) ask this same question at some point in their lives. i just didnt think it'll be so early (and this often) in mine.
the world would still spin normally; the air will still be polluted; Pluto will still be declassified as a planet.
if there was a reason i was placed here, it hasnt revealed itself, nor do i expect it to.
like a shattered vase, no matter how much glue you use to stick the pieces together, it will never be the same strong work of art ever again. that is how i feel: broken, shattered, damaged...

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