advertising another site

i felt like writing something but my mind hasnt sorted out my thoughts as yet, so this entry will be about something else.

a couple of weeks ago, an idea came to mind. after reading through sites like talkingcock.com and mrbrown.com, it came to me...the authors of these sites are people who are stationed in Singapore. doesnt matter if they were overseas before or not. now, they are viewing singapore from someone who is inside. what about the voices of the people viewing home from the outside? and that sparked off an idea. let's start our own blog, featuring articles and thoughts of people currently overseas. with hopefully regular articles, reflections, viewpoints and maybe in the future, podcasts and interviews.
And so...

Red, White & Traveling was born!

so go go....read....support....and if anyone wants to contribute to the site, just leave a message on the tagboard!

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