the one with the intended updates

wow...it has been a while since a proper update on this.
so much has happened and i dont know where to even begin.
but this lack of energy is killing me....writing this short entry of a few lines has been taxing indeed...lol
anyways...will return with a proper update soon.
guarenteed to peek thy interest
till then...signing off


Anonymous said...

why on earth do you call yourself a knight?

Postmaster-General said...

because he is a knight amongst men... that's why...

a truly honourable soul.

so bern that'll be $50 ok? Heh...
Samui this winter (your summer)?

the-red-knight said...

thanks dude.

in my own words:
perhaps calling myself a knight is presumptuous, but the reason is because i believe in the code of a knight.

to do the right thing, no matter how difficult
to defend the weak
to honour God

KSM this summer yes! I want to go moon party!