the one with the search for superman

over the past few days, i have gotten a good share of views about the new superman movie.
some believe it was boring while others enjoyed it very much (like myself). i guess if you expect the same action and thrill from the recent x-men or spiderman movies, then you will definitely be disappointed.
superman isnt about destroying everything that comes in his way, he stands for truth justice and all that. ;)
naturally, his movies will be very much more about overcoming his weaknesses and reflecting the goodness from within human beings.
he is what we all can strive to become.

and of course, he is what i have been seeking to become since i was a kid. subconsciously, if not actively.
i dont mean i aim to fly or wear blue tights with red underwear on the outside, but more the attitude towards people.
why hurt others when you can just help them, to bring a smile to their faces?
the world is a sad place as it is, why add onto the pain?
if everyone tried to be superman to everyone around them, that will take life a lot easier, not to mention happier, for most people no?
after so many years, watching the rebirth of my superhero gave new life to my admiration and search for superman

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