Blogging @ MacArthurs

It seems that I blog only when I come here for lunch on Sundays whenever I am alone for the weekend.

Not bad really. The place is cleaned up and all nicely renovated. They even have a sushi bar and Hanaichi open on Sunday now. Yum.

Eye candy has also increased. Haha. Japanese candy. It's like this place is a chosen hotspot. Not bad not bad.

Coincidentally...my lunch is made up of jap food items only. Pork curry rice topped off with a salmon roll and a karaage roll. Washed down with a bottle of lychee tea. Ah!!! The good life.

Now onto grocery shopping and hopefully ...some more marking done.
Sigh. Aside from the Onde Onde I made yesterday, I didn't do anything constructive at all this weekend.

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