Me, Harry and the Half Blood Prince

Just came home after watching Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince.
Loved it.
Darker, sadder, but yet with hints of hope and happiness.
I know the plot already since I have already read the book but still...like the ones before this...watching it on the big screen always makes it a little more special.
My emotions were definitely pulled along as the movie unfolded.
And if you believe in mood rings - I only realised this AFTER walking out of the cinema - mine was red/white.
I think that reflects excitation/frustration?
All true at the end of the movie.

Can't wait for the final 2 movies based off the last book.
I sure hope they space them only months apart.
Sure can't imagine waiting years between the last 2 especially since they are from the same book.

Loved it.
I know...they are the same 2 lines above but nothing says 'TRUE' better than repetition.

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