Familiar Settings

This scene is familiar.
Me sitting at the quiet part of the MacArthur's foodcourt. Just finished my KFC lunch and a magazine on the table. Listening to music typical of shopping centre foodcourts.
It was a few weeks ago I think that I was here.

It's interesting to be alone sometimes. It gives one a chance to reflect. To be away from the normal crowds on the city streets. But yet not at home alone where you get a different feeling. I get a sense of peace albeit with a little loneliness.

Just thinking about what has happened over the last few weeks. Blessed I am to find and get the job that I enjoy doing. To be able to work less hours than most, do my own things because now I have time, and strive to self improve.

With all this comes that reminder that I don't have someone to share this joy with. Not being greedy. I know I should be happy and thankful for what I already have. Just on Thursday I was telling Mervyn about the joys of just being happy about the little joys in life. Free dinner compliments of Conrad Treasury isn't that bad no?

I am positive the feeling will pass. But for now. Short as it possibly may. I am lonely.

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Mizz said...

Hi Bernard.

I know what you mean. Been experiencing it the last 10 years or so. :)