>> Fast Forward

Ever felt that need for a [Fast Forward] button in your life?
That same feeling you get when you are bored of a section of a DVD or just want to view the highlights of a soccer match? It feels like that right now.
In fact, I think I am set on some sort of loop in my "Life Reel".
Same old story over and over again.

Reminds me of the movie "Click". What if are given a remote that allows you to control EVERYTHING around you? What will you do?
Will you rewind to a point to change things?
Will you fast forward to the future to have a peek?
Will you delete certain sections from ever happening?
I have thought about doing all of the above before.
Can't blame me for living in my own "Kingdom above the clouds".
I have always lived my life through the Movies, Musicals, Plays, Anime, etc etc that I have come across.
Life is almost never the same...but it doesn't hurt to have a template on which to do things no?
I don't like Horror/Thrillers because I don't wanna have those templates.
This probably explains why my DVD collection is mostly (if not completely) funny, romantic, and heroic. All things I strive to be.

A friend mentioned recently that I should stop having an "image" of how things should play out, because when they don't...I'll get depressed. But what is wrong with that "perfect scenario" always at the back of your head? It's what makes us Human...that "Hope" and "Faith" that everything will be alright. This also reminds me of a conversation I had with another friend long long ago. It was about whether I should change myself and my plans for someone I had feelings for. The conclusion (well...more like his insistence) was that I should just stay myself. Someone will appreciate "me" one day. I sooooo wanna press that [>>FF] button to that point right now.

But therein lies the problem as well. If I did that...then I might not appreciate her when I do meet her. To have hurt, pain and disappointment from past experiences probably will let me realise how much of a gift she will be to me. See? Isn't this soooo like the movies? SIGH.

But who will I end up in my own personal "Movie"?
The Hero?
The Villain?
The Side-kick?
A happy ending awaiting or just a pitiful existence?
I guess not even a [>>FF] button can change that.

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