SQ Woes

OMG...Tried to get my tickets back to Brisbane from my Stint in SG in about 7-8 weeks and can't get any till the 29th of JAN!!!!
This is bad...REALLY bad...My office probably re-opens on the 14th.
OH NO!!!!
*runs around insanely*

That's 2 weeks late!!!
Why didn't I just buy the tickets earlier and change the date as required?

Last night wasn't much help either because the Brisbane office was closed and the SG office had their phonelines engaged the whole night.
At least I got the Brisbane branch to put me on a waiting list for the 13th this morning.
But that's no guarantee!!!

But I DID have an interesting revelation.
"IF" I REALLY had to return by the 14th...I could theoretically upgrade my ticket to business class. The income I will have lost for not being here for 2 weeks could probably cover back the amount I need to top up the ticket.
That's a BIG "IF".

We'll see how events unfold la.
This is the first of my "OMG" moments this holiday season and I didn't want it to start this badly....siiiiiiigh

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