The Fine Line

Sometimes I wonder about many things. To be honest...I dont even know why I am writing this entry. Just felt the need to write something.

This weekend was eventful. Lindsay went to Melbourne. Nadia had her housewarming party. The Singapore Club had its AGM. And I got myself Guitar Hero 3 for the Wii after trying it out at Joel's. Eventful yes...but somehow it felt empty. And this was REALLY felt this evening.

Sitting alone in my living room watching Harry Potter on DVD. Maybe its meeting Robin and Yenny when I had dinner with Justin and Alan on Sat night, friends of Alans but they live in the same building. They mentioned that they loved to watch DVDs together. They are married by the way. Hahaha.

And I was so looking forward to this weekend when I got the whole apartment to myself. Heh. And it was fun for the most part. But I guess the alone time got a little too much for me. Sigh. I find the need to be around people all the time very taxing and tiresome but no one can be alone all the time. Well...most people anyways.

I still seek...companionship I suppose...


CresceNet said...
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Mervyn said...

So can post or not? Or will it get deleted.

Sometimes we all feel the same, a connection lost, or just general emptiness.

I used to wonder while walking in amongst the throngs in Singapore, how anyone could be so surrounded by people and feel so lonely.

It was possible. We need some quiet time alone I guess, but something someone said last time. Who will be witness to your life, if no one is there to see it?

nuttytentacle said...

Of course you can.
The previous comment was from some spammer...so I removed it.

Dont mention being a midst of so many people and still feel lonely. Those are strangers...it is already bad. But sometimes I feel lonely even among friends and loved ones. That's the problem.

And as you said...if there is no one to be there to attest to your existence...what is the point? If any of us disappears next week, tomorrow, or even within the hour...who'll notice?
Will it make a difference?
Or will everyone just move on with their lives like you never existed?