Another Year...Another...

I wonder what the new year beholds.
It's almost dawn It's dawn already and I still am not in bed.
Probably not a good way to start a new year, a new work week.
Fortunately I do not have classes till Wednesday.
Another WHOLE day.
But I love it nonetheless.

So what do I need to do once I awake?
  • collect mail
  • claim medical from NIB
  • finish marking assignments and returning them to students
  • prepare a revision for my programming students
  • eat
  • breathe once so often
  • drink
In no particular order of course.

Maybe I'll start to write a lot more this year.

Just finished watching "The End of Time" Parts 1 and 2 of Doctor Who.
David Tennant's last appearance on the show.
And the 'death' of 10th Doctor.
I miss him already...


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Xanti said...

I him reading some poems, and also adio books for Doctor Who, his voice has some very soft and gentle note